Defining your #strategy should be the first step after clarifying your #vision.

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Unity In Diversity


Many people think that we need unity in the face of terrorism.

However ‘Unity’ is a funny thing. It requires understanding, openness, and a shared goal even though the paths taken are not similar.

It requires similar values that not necessarily putted into action in similar ways.

– It requires a full understanding of the fact that dissimilarities are also exist. –

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In business life, most mistakes are related to perception (or inadequacies of it), they are not mistakes of logic. ‪#‎LookBeyond‬  ‪#‎ThinkLateral‬

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What does trust mean to you?

They asked me “What does trust mean to you?”.  My answer:

It is ’embracing vulnerability’.

The funny thing about trust is even if you are honest and offer to help people all the time, building trust doesn’t come that easy.

However, if you dare to be vulnerable and ask for help from someone, that person is more likely to trust you.

I find this fact fascinating.

After all, it is not about being vulnerable by itself; it is about being confident enough to explore your vulnerability.

Trusting yourself is the first step of all…

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