#EarlyAdopter doesn’t mean early-adapter. Adaptation suggests that people aren’t specifically enthusiastic about going forward.

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The Gnat Effect

The Slide Edge

If your achievement isn’t greater than one, is it worth it? Or the question might be: Is 0.01 really small to have an impact?

Then again: Have you tried to sleep with a gnat in your bed?

Some people interpret this by “The most motivational poster” – I say it is equally “The most depressing” one…

Btw, I called it ‘The Gnat Effect’. However, it’s from “The Slide Edge’ by Jeff Olson. Follow the linkloves, they are lovely credits.

Linklove: http://goo.gl/KtOImk  & http://goo.gl/syUjvt

Defining your #strategy should be the first step after clarifying your #vision.

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What does trust mean to you?

They asked me “What does trust mean to you?”.  My answer:

It is ’embracing vulnerability’.

The funny thing about trust is even if you are honest and offer to help people all the time, building trust doesn’t come that easy.

However, if you dare to be vulnerable and ask for help from someone, that person is more likely to trust you.

I find this fact fascinating.

After all, it is not about being vulnerable by itself; it is about being confident enough to explore your vulnerability.

Trusting yourself is the first step of all…

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