In business life, most mistakes are related to perception (or inadequacies of it), they are not mistakes of logic. ‪#‎LookBeyond‬  ‪#‎ThinkLateral‬

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Borders & Frontiers


From the smallest amoeba to the grandest of galaxies, we define ourselves by our borders. Our boundaries. I am me. Therefore, I am not you. We are safe within our territory. But borders can be places of instability, of danger. Cold fronts collide with warm. Dynamic energy explodes.

And yet… it’s at the edges, the frontiers between us, where ideas are exchanged, where knowledge is gained.

I am me, but I must push past my borders if I’m ever to truly know you.

Defining your #strategy should be the first step after clarifying your #vision.

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Drive engagement with LinkedIn Showcase Pages


LinkedIn has a great feature for companies and organisations that have diverse range of services and brands: Showcase pages.

Showcase pages are connected to regular LinkedIn company pages, however they work as landing pages to feature niche content and to engage with specific target groups.

Here are some benefits of a Showcase page:

 A Showcase page has a bigger header image, making it easier to deliver marketing message at a glimpse.

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